The Kaira Renn series is a new fantasy adventure set in The Society for the Preservation of Magical Artefacts.

The series currently includes three books:

The prequel The Rise of the Ameedis.

Book 1 The Sign of the Symean

Book 2 The Gilweean Gateway.

Book 3, The Legend of the Terrecet

Book 4, The Call of The Wenlands 

Book 5, The Fate of The Devenant

In book one, Kaira discovers her father’s secret world, becoming immersed in its majesty and danger.

Book 2 takes Kaira to another magical realm within the S.P.M.A., Gilweean, where she experiences flight and learns more about the shadows swirling in the Society.

The series spans five books as the magical world Kaira finds herself in expands, introducing readers to a world of magic and mayhem!

Take a leap into a unique, magical world …