14th February 2019

A Fantasy Prequel – Building the Kaira Renn Universe

If you’ve visited my website before, you’re probably aware of the fantasy series I’m writing centred around a young, female heroine, Kaira Renn. As I write Book Two (due for release in the summer), it’s occurred to me that there’s a universe to explore which will expand across and beyond the five-book series. This has led me to write a prequel – due for release at the end of the February. The illustrations are coming along nicely and the audio book for Book 1 will be released in the next few weeks. Here’s another illustration from Book 1: ‘The Sign of the Symean’. Once all illustrations are complete, an illustrated version of each book will be available.

Chapter 4 Illustration. Book 1 ‘The Sign of the Symean’

Good news: I’m going to giveaway the fantasy prequel to my subscribers and also via my website which you’re currently on! If you haven’t already subscribed, you can sign up here. You’ll get a free, short thriller and, when the prequel is released, I’ll send you this for free too! I want to reward loyal readers as much as possible so look out for more free books in the near future: the start of a dystopian series will be your next freebie in the Spring.

For now, it’s back to Book Two of the fantasy series before completing another short thriller, ‘Ghostwalking’ out soon!

24th January 2019

An Illustrated Tale

I’m currently working on an illustrated version of book one in my fantasy series, featuring the adventures of Kaira Renn.

Here are the illustrations for the first two chapters:

The illustrated versions will be aimed at younger children, helping to bring alive the wonders within The Society for the Preservation of Magical Artefacts. The illustrator is Andy Tyler.

Now, back to the writing of book two. Let the magic continue … scheduled for release in the summer.